March 15, 2020 Discussion

Before participating in this discussion, you need to watch/listen to the sermon for this week from Pastor Jared. You can find his sermon here.

To engage with the discussion, follow this link and read the directions.

Discussion Question 1

Exodus 17:1-7 shares the story of the Israelites at Rephidim when God provided water from a rock for them to drink. What is the “water” that God provides for us? What are some ways that you make sure you are drinking that “water” during the week?

Discussion Question 2

In their grumbling, the Israelites couldn’t understand why God would bring them out of Egypt just to die in the desert. This is a reminder that even though we follow Christ, bad times will still come. However, instead of trusting the Lord, they grumbled and thought He wouldn’t come through. How can we trust in God even when things are not going well?

Discussion Question 3

In verse 7, we learn that Moses called the place the Hebrew for quarreling and testing because “they tested the Lord saying, ‘Is the Lord among us or not?'” Share about a time in your life when you wondered if the Lord was among us or not, and how did you find the Lord in the midst of the dry and thirsty wilderness?

Discussion Question 4

In the video, Jared talked about the difference between God bringing Israel out of Egypt and God bringing Egypt out of Israel. Discuss.